The power of mathematical optimization to improve organizational efficiency has been known for over 50 years now. The big change is in just how much more accessible it is now.

Mathematical optimization is now accessible to organizations of all sizes provided that they have the mathematical optimization algorithms expertise. Some have proclaimed that the "Compute moats are dead" and that computing power is no longer the barrier to entry it used to be for profitable mathematical optimization and machine learning to be put to profitable use.

Cray1 supercomputer

Once upon a time you needed expensive "supercomputing" resources as a bare minimum to enter into this space. However a modern cell phone costing a few hundred dollars has more computing power than the iconic original Cray supercomputer. Now with the availability of high power cloud computing services such as AWS you can access the power of mathematical optimization for your organization with minimal outlay in hardware expenses. Many companies are utilizing this increase in computational power without the expense and risk of having to buy dedicated infrastructure to do their optimization tasks.