Nick worked with Scry Engineering in 2018 as Chief Technologist and wrote detailed, helpful tutorials about data processing data, as well as case studies of interesting projects he completed for our website.

Nick’s in-depth theoretical understanding of and practical expertise in complex software systems makes him an invaluable asset a team as he brings more than 20 years of valuable experience. After launching his career in the technology industry as a teenager, he worked in in-house automation before making his way up to writing customer-facing code. Soon after, he discovered an aptitude for leadership, which propelled him to positions as team leader and technical leader for several international companies. After completing a number of successful projects, he embarked on a search for exciting new challenges and spent a decade obtaining his Bachelor, Honours and PhD degrees in Computer Science.

Today, Nick uses his enormous reservoir of creative energy to bring his many ideas to fruition.

“You can often find me tackling one of my code projects, making an idea come to life, and in the process learning about some specialized area. Usually, there will be some difficult mathematics,” he says.

Inspired by the company’s guiding principle of engineers helping engineers, he is passionate about mentoring developers entering Information Technology as the field grows exponentially and demand skyrockets.

“We really want to channel the enormous talent coming into the industry and make it more productive.”