As the Director of Technological Innovation at Scry Engineering, Janis Lesinskis takes on a diverse set of tasks, from business development to tech management and contributing his technical knowledge to many projects.

In September 2017, Janis launched the company with the help of a partner. He combines a strong commitment to ethical business practices with passion for education, critical thinking and collaboration.

“I’m in a position where I don’t have to make ethical trade-offs in order to actually be effective in my role. I like being able to create situations where doing good work is aligned with real incentives.”

Asked what makes the team work well together, he says, “We all have respect for each other as people and as professionals. We are on the same page with organizational structure and have an understanding of the political aspects of the work we do. Hence, we can discuss difficult decisions in a way that can let us understand the dynamics in play, which allows us to make progress - something conspicuously missing in much of the programming arena.”

As a leader, he values independence in his staff and has a healthy appreciation for flat hierarchy.

Academically, Janis holds a degree in mathematics. Today, he is heavily involved in the software industry and collaborates on multiple cutting edge open source projects on an ongoing basis. You can often find him networking and meeting leaders in the local business community to stay up to date and discover new ideas.

He’s also an avid reader and relishes the opportunity to peruse one of the many books, blogs or articles in his mountainous To Be Read pile.