As co-founder and Senior Technical Consultant at Scry Engineering, Aapeli partnered with Janis Lesinskis to launch the company's operations in Australia in early 2018. A problem solver at heart, he knew he had a big challenge on his hands when it came to building a software company he could be proud of.

Aapeli is our in-house blockchain and mathematics specialist and has a passion for using technology and abstract reasoning to solve complex problems with smart, creative people. He brings rigorous mathematical thinking and in-depth expertise in cryptography, machine learning, mathematical optimization and general systems architecture & development to his role. He also possesses experience in distributed systems, full-stack software engineering, Natural Language Processing, data analysis and deploying data science solutions, as well as other areas.

“I find cryptography very interesting,” he says. “The idea of having security that even the greatest nation-states won’t be able to break in the foreseeable future is very empowering and somehow oddly satisfying.”

Before joining the company, Aapeli designed and built intricate blockchain systems at a cryptocurrency startup whose mission was to establish a community-owned cryptocurrency exchange. Before that, he worked with a multinational logistics company, extracting meaningful answers from big data to identify inefficiencies through Biarri, a Brisbane based consultancy. At the University of Queensland, he studied mathematics, physics, statistics and economics, and graduated at the top of his class.

Today, Aapeli continues to hone his thirst for knowledge by studying for a master’s degree in statistics and mathematics at the University of Melbourne, with a special interest in blockchain and researching new systems. His dedication to helping others learn has motivated him to co-create eight-week bootcamp training courses in blockchain, cloud apps, and machine learning (a project that concluded in September 2018).